Focus & Features

Effective Presentation Skills for Internal Auditors (EPSIA) is an intensive and highly interactive communications workshop that directly addresses the presentation needs of the internal auditors based on preparing, organizing, delivering and evaluating a presentation.

Effective Presentation Skills for Internal Auditors (EPSIA) is designed to aim at the following objectives:

  • To fine-tune the participants' presentation skills,
  • To demonstrate such refined skills in the performance of his or her technical and administrative responsibilities, and
  • To let the participant become a role model in the effective presentation of his ideas so that he or she can emerge as a motivator and catalyst in the development of corporate culture of highly effective presenters.

What You Will Learn

Belief Systems in Presentations

  • Negative BS in Presentations
  • The Power of Positive Words
  • Presentation Assessment

The 4 Vs of Presentation

  • The Visual Element
  • The Vocal Element
  • The Verbal Element
  • The Values Element

A Focus on Organization

  • The Core
  • The Key Points
  • The Details

Platform Performance

  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Post-assessment

Who Should Attend

This Seminar is ideal for junior auditors.


Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines, Inc.
139 Corporate Center, Valero Street,
Makati City, 菲律宾



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