Focus & Features:

  • Understand the need and benefits of Risk Based Audit (RBA) approach
  • Formulate a risk based internal audit policy compliant with regulatory bodies
  • Take steps in the transformation to RBA

What You Will Learn

BSP Expectations on Internal Audit/Audit Com

Benefits of RBA

Review of Conceptual Auditing

  • Frameworks
  • Definition of Internal Business Model
  • Lines of Defense
  • COSO Internal Control Framework
  • Risk Management

Overview of Risk Based Audit

Risk Based Internal Audit policy

Risk Focused Approaches on Audit Processes

  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit Strategy
  • Risk Based Audit Plan
  • Engagement Planning
  • Performance of Audit Work
  • Communication/Reporting
  • Monitoring

Steps for Transition to Risk Based/Summary Discussion

Who Should Attend

This seminar is ideal for all auditors.


Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines, Inc.
139 Corporate Center, Valero Street,
Makati City, 菲律宾



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