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From Agile Manifesto to Enterprise Agility

This session begins with a travel down the memory lane from the NATO Software Crisis of 1968, highlights several key developments related to software engineering and ends with the challenges of the current IT world related to digital revolution and enterprise Agility. It addresses how Agile Manifesto(2001) triggered a revolution and evolved over the next ten years leading to Distributed Agile, Scaled Agile and Enterprise Agility. Also this session includes discussion on the three dimensions of enterprise transformation - organizational change management, Agile & DevOps transformation and technology transformation and emphasizes on the role of IT in transforming businesses to realize true digital transformation.

Implementing Agile – Anti Patterns, Key Learnings & Best Practices

Agile has been seen as a great methodology to support enterprises to go digital at this fast changing age. However, during the implementation of Agile, we also see numbers of patterns of work that are counterproductive to Agile. In this session, we will share our perspectives and experiences on how to overcome those Anti Patterns and our best practices, key learnings from our Agile projects, to inspire.

Delivering Business Value@Speed – Outcome Driven Agile/DevOps

Delivering faster and often does not automatically equate to achieving the desired outcomes. Quality has to be built into the Core to achieve Fit for Purpose and Fit for Use. This session will share on what it takes to deliver quality outcomes through Agile/DevOps transformation. 

Applying and Implementing Agile via a Case creation

This is a hands-on group ideation and interactive session, In this session, through a case scenario, you will experience how Agile can be applied to create a product and have an appreciation of the planning, prioritizing and decision-making skills needed to build a functional prototype. Best team wins prizes.