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The NYSAE-SIG presents "Cyber threats and the defenses"

It goes without saying that all IT organizations should have an active Incident Response (IR) Plan in place – i.e. a policy that defines in specific terms what constitutes an information security incident, and provides a step-by-step process to follow when an incident occurs.

2015 was a very bad year for cyber attacks. Attackers began targeting cloud applications, from Apple iCloud to Salesforce to Office 365.
The recent Sony Pictures breach demonstrated attackers’ turn for the malicious, from sending threatening emails and demanding ransom to creating malware focused not just on exfiltration but on destroying data.

As attackers have become better at evading traditional signatures and malware sandboxes, security teams are increasingly turning to behavior-based detection models to find the signs of an active cyber attack.


Coy Gupta

VP of Marketing and Analytics, EventBank

Kevin Hyams

Partner, Friedman LLP

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