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Welcome to HREAP and thank you for joining the association as we promote the development of human resource program in higher educational institutions in the Philippines. As institutional member, your school will be entitled to the following:


  1. Members rate and discount of the faculty attendees from the institution in all the activities of the organizations.
  2. Listing in the institutional members directory and networking opportunities with all member schools during HREAP events.
  3. Opportunity to host or co-present the annual Human Resource Educators' Conference, Human Resource Students' Convention and other HREAP activities.
  4. Access to current institutional data submitted by various schools for comparing program focus, cost, enrollment and more subject to applicable provisions of the Data Privacy Act.
  5. Be part of the technical working group for the Certified Human Resource Associate (CHRA) by HREAP Assessment Examination and other programs of the organization.
  6. National and international linkages with partner institutions of HREAP.
  7. Attend free trainings provided by the association and its partners.
  8. Establishment of the local chapter of Human Resource Students Association of the Philippines (HRSAP) student organization for students. (optional).
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