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2019년 1월 12일 토요일 (오전 8시 30분 - 오후 5시)

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Dusit Thani

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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이벤트 세부사항

Morning Session:

o Handwriting Characteristics and Peculiarities

o Proper Care and Control of Specimen Signatures

o Pictorial Comparison and Critical Analysis of Handwriting

o Common Errors of Signature Verifiers

o Easy Methods of Comparing Signatures

o Practical Exercises / Group Workshop

Afternoon Session:

o Methodologies of Forgeries and Other Falsifications

o Material Alterations on Questioned Documents

o Latest Modus Operandi of Swindling Syndicates

o Counter Measures and Preventive Mechanisms

o Discussion of Actual Bank Fraud Cases

o Group Workshop / Open Forum

Target Audience:

Bank personnel who want to gain deeper understanding of Signature Verification

and Forgery Detection