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Wei Ni (Co-Founder of Focus Media Holding Limited)

Wei Ni

Co-Founder of Focus Media Holding Limited

● Since 2003, He has been working with Chairman Jiang Nanchun to create Focus Media, and has made great contributions to the expansion of sales from 0 to 10 billion.
● With nearly 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, he has accurate insight into advertising trends, and his unique forward-looking vision, spirit of the times and creativity have made him a real master in the advertising industry.
● In his cordial and easy-going conversations, the views are sharp, the golden verses are frequent, and the enthusiasm of the masters and the deep insight into the industry are evident.

Jun Yu (CEO of The convenience of medicine)

Jun Yu

CEO of The convenience of medicine

● Graduated from Peking University
● He has been engaged in venture capital investment for 7 years in IDG Capital and GGV Jiyuan Capital.
● He led the investment in Aurora Data (NASDAQ: JG), Mavericks Electric (NASDAQ: NIU) and Ezbuy (NYSE: LITB).
● Listed company; one A-share listed company Wanmo has reached electroacoustic (002655);
● There are also unicorn companies such as Yihang UAV and Xiaopeng Automobile; 5 motors such as Immotor, Farm Butler and Cooper Prospective Unicorn Company.
● In 2018, he founded the convenience of medicine and became the CEO of the company.

Duck Hsieh (World-Famous Designer)

Duck Hsieh

World-Famous Designer

Elective Course

●The world's most international design award winner Chinese designer (more than 125 awards)
●The field spans industrial design, international brands, combined with technological innovation, especially in the traditional manufacturing and research fields, how to design, Form a product.
●For the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, there will be great inspiration.

Tan Hee Guan (Coach at Leading with Strengths)

Tan Hee Guan

Coach at Leading with Strengths

Elective Course

● This is a bilingual workshop exploring your leadership domain and strength. English-natives are especially welcomed to join this session. Instructor will use English PPT and orate in Chinese.

This workshop will show:
● How to Improve Performance by gaining clarity of their leadership talents
● How to develop the potential of their A- Players
● How to deploy the right talent to do the right job and deliver results
● Empower participants with insight to be Strengths-based leaders

Michael Deng (Product Manager)

Michael Deng

Product Manager

Elective Course

● Known as a farmer, an old product manager, has been in the IT Internet industry for over 18 years.
● He has worked in Netease's Guangzhou website product department, Beijing UGC Center, and Hangzhou Research Institute. He was a core member of NetEase Weibo, Forum, and Cloud Album.
● He also worked in Guangxi Communications Administration and Jiadu Xintai (Guangzhou). The earliest private high-tech enterprises), Yashang Online (acquired by the world's largest office supply platform) and other communication fields and e-commerce platform companies.
● Seeing innovations that are longer than products and models, they are often invited to serve as judges or entrepreneurial instructors for various venture capital activities. They have independent and in-depth research on connection innovation, innovative enterprise management model, innovation model, flywheel growth model and business model innovation. And applied to practice, has served as a consultant for a number of startup companies, such as Xue Manzi and the original capital joint venture of the auto repair treasure.
● After many times of entrepreneurship, the Asian tattoo network, which was founded as a founding member, grew into the first network of tattoo and beauty industry and maintained it to this day.
● In 2014, it co-founded micro-investment network and quickly grew into a well-known investment and financing service platform in South China.
● The establishment of the small three rounds is the first domestic Uber model for online ordering and door-to-door waste recycling services. In less than one year, it has developed into the first brand of Internet waste paper recycling with a monthly growth of 20%, a team of 200 people and a valuation of over 100 million.

Sharong Zhou (CSO at Liby)

Sharong Zhou

CSO at Liby

● Graduated from the University of Auckland in the early 1990s, nearly 30 years of experience in FMCG/Internet industry.
● Formerly the Head of Sales for Johnson & Johnson South China, Colgate-Pamolive Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Marketing Manager, Marketing Director of Blue Moon, Senior Partner of Kairui Consulting, Chief Marketing Officer of SF Express.
● Joined in 2018 Liby Group serves as Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Director of Licensing Fund and Incubator, Assistant to President, etc.

● Outside of work, she is interested in educating and entertaining himself.
● In the past ten years, she has served as a marketing specialization course for Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhongda Lingnan College, and dozens of well-known brand management teachers at home and abroad.
● In 2018, the first travel book "mixed in the most beautiful Taiwanese B&B" was launched to support the education of out-of-school children in Guizhou. The greatest pleasure in daily life is to help the poor mountain children as a butterfly volunteer.

Chengzhan Zhong (Founder & General Manager of KAILAS)

Chengzhan Zhong

Founder & General Manager of KAILAS

● Outdoor name: Ba Jie
● Motto: Work hard, play hard, and live happily!
● KAILAS brand founder, senior outdoor player, mechanical engineer
● He loves rock climbing and is also keen on outdoor sports such as off-road motorcycles, skiing, paragliding, diving, extreme cycling, etc.
● In 2003, he founded the KAILAS outdoor sports brand. Although he was injured by skiing, even if he was in a wheelchair, he could not stop his love for life. He challenged himself with all his strength. Now he still plays off-road motorcycles, enjoys skiing at home and abroad as usual, and leads the KAILAS elite team to create a higher KAILAS. The peak and larger stage led KAILAS into the global climbing market.

● As a brand focused on mountain climbing, KAILAS has become a unique Asian brand after years of hard work.
● One of the three largest category climbing brands in the world.
● The International Rock Climbing Federation (IFSC), the French Mountaineering Federation (FFCAM), and the Chinese National Rock Climbing.
● The official equipment supplier for the authoritative climbing organization and professional team of the team, the Australian national rock climbing team, the US national rock climbing team, the French national mountaineering team.
● The design concept of KAILAS “Lightweight Revolution” runs through all its product lines. The design works have won many international professional awards such as ISPO Germany, Outdoor Industry Award, etc.
● It is the Climbing World Cup, European Outdoor Show Climbing Tournament, Russian Rock Climbing Championship and Australian National Bouldering.
● A number of well-known international professional competition partners such as the Open.
● In addition, KAILAS's large-scale public welfare activities such as “Unexplored Peaks”, “Rocking China” and “Leading Outdoor Education” have greatly promoted the development of Chinese mountaineering and outdoor sports, and made outstanding contributions to the mountaineering adventure.