A selection of Free-Time activities offer by Miraval

Color Me Healthy 

Colorful Foods that Ward Off Age-Related Diseases

Learn how colors provide clues to foods that can protect your heart, bones, brain and eyes. Learn what to eat to help ward off diseases often associated with aging. 

Conscious CookIng

Immerse yourself in our Conscious Cooking philosophy as you learn to use leftover pieces of vegetables, fruits, and meat to cook creatively and reduce food waste. Recognize the power and importance of being a conscious cook. 

Intuitive Living

Discover Three Principles that will Change Your Life

When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you create a life that is better balanced and more in tune with your true identity. 

Chakra Meditation

Connect to your seven energy centers through this guided meditation. Explore the meaning of the chakras and how each relates to different aspects of yourself. Periodically offered. 

Art for Relaxation

Creating art can be relaxing and enjoyable, especially in the company of friends and family. In this fun and engaging workshop, art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson will help you make cards and gifts that playfully express different aspects of yourself and commemorate and celebrate the people and things important to you. Experiment with paints, feathers, beads, masks, magnets, found objects and other decorative materials. Keep the treasures you make for yourself or give them away as gifts. Drop in or stay for the whole workshop. No artistic experience is necessary. 

Dream Yoga

Learn to consciously surrender to sleep and dreams through this restorative yoga practice for the mind, body and soul. 

Master your Mind, Heal your Body

Join Brent Baum for an introduction to the concept of Holographic Memory ResolutionTM, which heals the body by releasing stored trauma. 

Latin Splash

Enjoy an energizing and fun filled water fitness class set to Latin music in our refreshing BMC pool.

Mastering your Makeup

Reveal your natural beauty with a Miraval make-up artist who will provide simple tricks and highlighting techniques to enhance your brows, eyes and lips. 

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