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Getting each player in the supply chain on board with demand planning is often difficult, but it's far from the only hurdle. Examining the correct data is one of the biggest challenges, as the information must be run through many filters, such as high variance in the last six months, frequent zero demand periods, month-over-month demand history, frequent shortages and statistical forecasts.

Without proper demand planning, supply chains wind up dealing with production delays, inventory surpluses and strained relationships across the various disciplines that make up an organization. Avoiding such problems would call for professionals that possess important skill sets

*Michigan State University


Supply chain activities must be a collaborative effort for it is not a responsibility of one person or one company alone. Multiple people need to be actively involved in several processes to make it work.

This course introduces participants to fundamental concepts in demand forecasting and planning and its role in company operation. There will be emphasis on hands-on training, as attendees will be taught and coached on how to use techniques in forecasting ideally with the participant's company data for it to become a direct application. There will also be a focus on analysis, particularly approaches to prioritize and sense check forecast. At the end of the course, attendees will have a strong grasp of demand forecasting fundamentals based on industry practice. They will also be equipped with the basic technical know-how to generate a sound forecast


· Identify improvement opportunities in supply chain planning and demand forecasting processes to mitigate risk in customer fill rates and inventory exposure.

· Learn best practices to better manage supply chain planning

· Develop knowledge, capability and expertise in supply chain planning.


Supply Chain Planning

· Definitions and key concepts

· Role in Strategy

· Financial Impact and EVA

· Data and Systems

· Supply Chain Maturity

Sales and Operations Planning

· Understanding S&OP

· Elements of S&OP

· S&OP Steps Overview

Demand Planning

· Demand Planning and Fundamentals

· Definition and Key Concepts in Demand Forecasting

· Demand Planning Process


Develop Capability and Expertise

· Executive, Managers, Associates, Analyst involved in Supply Planning, Demand Planning, Logistics, Manufacturing, Customer Fulfillment, Warehousing, Procurement

Knowledge Expansion

·Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering Professionals

· Business Owners


· PASIA Member: PHP 17,000 + VAT | USD 400

· Non Member: PHP 19,000 + VAT | USD 500

This 2-day training will be held on January 16, 2020 to January 17, 2020 at Manila Marriott Hotel, Philippines.

As for overseas attendees who are interested, the airfare cost to Manila around ASEAN region is approximately $500 (economy) while hotel accommodations ranges from $150 to $200 per day (Belmont Hotel/Holiday Inn). Assistance in hotel bookings can be made upon request.

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