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Supply chain activities must be a collaborative effort for it is not a responsibility of one person or one company alone. Multiple people need to be actively involved in several processes to make it work.

This course introduces participants to fundamental concepts in demand forecasting and planning and its role in company operation. There will be emphasis on hands-on training, as attendees will be taught and coached on how to use techniques in forecasting ideally with the participant's company data for it to become a direct application. There will also be a focus on analysis, particularly approaches to prioritize and sense check forecast. At the end of the course, attendees will have a strong grasp of demand forecasting fundamentals based on industry practice. They will also be equipped with the basic technical know-how to generate a sound forecast.


  • Identify opportunities in supply chain planning process to improve demand forecasting mitigating risk in working capital and customer fill rates
  • Learn best practices to better manage supply chain
  • Develop knowledge, capability and expertise in supply chain planning

Course Outline

Supply Chain Planning

  1. Definitions and key concepts
  2. Role in Strategy
  3. Financial Impact and EVA
  4. Data and Systems
  5. Supply Chain Maturity

Sales and Operations Planning

  1. Basics of S&OP
  2. Inputs, Outputs and Agenda of S&OP
  3. Demand Management
  4. Demand Planning and Forecasting
  5. Demand/Order Fulfillment and ATP


Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Practitioners in

  1. Supply Chain Planning, Demand Planning, Logistics, Manufacturing
  2. Customer Fulfillment/Service, Warehousing and Procurement

Sales/Information/Business/Marketing Analyst

  • Supply Planner
  • Order and Planning Manager
  • Purchasing Manager


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