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Pessimism is increasing during these challenging times and understandably so. Our health and, for many, financial well-being, are under threat and it is difficult for many of us to escape our negative thoughts. For many people, there appears to be nothing to be optimistic about. If anything, optimism seems absurd in the face of a worldwide pandemic or a personal health or financial crisis. More to the point, why does it matter?

Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. It is a key part of resilience, the inner strength that helps you get through tough times. By definition, optimism helps you see, feel, and think positively. But it has extra benefits you might not know about—optimism helps keep up your physical health too.

Contrary to popular belief, being an optimist is not something you are necessarily born with. Some people are, of course, but most of us are not. We can learn to be optimistic at any age, and with that, reap the benefits.

As leaders, we owe it to ourselves and our families to do whatever we can to remain strong and healthy. Developing and increasing our optimism is a prime way to do just that. What's more, optimism is free, with no side effects, requiring no prescription, and can be done in the solitude of our mind.

During this highly interactive webinar, you will discover practical advice and techniques for:

  • Releasing negativity
  • Balancing negativity with positivity
  • Practising optimistic Thinking

You will also receive our test to measure your levels of optimism and understand better how you actually see the world.

Testimonials from previous participants

"I really enjoyed this session, it was interesting and highly practical" - E.G.

"I had a good time at the webinar you coached. Thank you for giving us such as refreshment during this stressful time." - F.A

"I start understanding why I was so stressed out. I was overwhelmed by feelings I could not identify. Thank you for showing me how to manage them" - A.P

"I loved the interactivity and the fact that we could share our thoughts and feelings with other participants. I felt such a relief to see that I was not the only one feeling that way" - M.I

"Nico was able to simplify complex Emotional Intelligence concepts into practical and hands on activities" - S.E

"In times like these, we need more of these webinars to help us in the Coronavirus era" - D.W

"Mantap!!! Terima kasih Pak Nico" - A.B

"I have now a new way to manage my negative thoughts" - C.T

"The chimp model... eye opening for me" - D

"Nico, I want my staff to get access to these webinars and I would like you to deliver them internally for our leaders and managers." - A.T

"It was too short!!! I wanted to discuss and share more with the other participants!!! Great session!!!" - S-P

"I wanted to join and it was already full. My manager joined at the right time and was really satisfied by the content. Please contact me first for the next one" - F

"Luar biasa Pak Nicolas!!! Jangan lupa undang saya lagi." - C.P

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