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Estrella Jaramillo (Women's Health Advocate and Entrepreneur at B-wom)

Estrella Jaramillo

Women's Health Advocate and Entrepreneur at B-wom

I’m a passionate women's health advocate. My goal is to eradicate the anxiety women suffer when it comes to their bodies and their intimate and sexual health, providing them with tools and resources to address their concerns, and removing the stigma and the taboos around these issues. I like mentioning the unmentionables and having difficult conversations, and really believe that we can create a more inclusive society for women. I’ve worked in the field of women’s health for the past 5 years, as employee, freelance consultant and now as cofounder. Alongside running my business, B-wom, in the US, I do advocacy and awareness work. I’ve spoken at +20 conferences in several countries about the importance of better women’s intimate, sexual and maternal health, and the implications for communities, employers, and healthcare stakeholders. If you ask me about my favorite part of my job, it is definitely getting to say the word “vagina” in front of a room full of men in the corporate world

Renee Reese (Life Coach)

Renee Reese

Life Coach

While sleeping on a friend's couch, Renee Reese started her first online business from scratch and became a digital nomad. After creating her law firm for coaches and creatives, she shut down her thriving business to do the work she felt most called to do. She now speaks and teaches all around the world about the subconscious mind, confidence, and goals. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading dystopian novels, spending time with family, and practicing yoga.