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Welome reception

Join us as we welcome and catch up with everyone.

Opening films

We will have our first film screening at the hotel


Dinner will be served at the hotel


Breakfast will be served at the hotel between 7-9 am
We will start Round table discussions during this time, but breakfast will still be available.

Roundtable discussions

Meaningful conversations about important topics have always been a key element at L3 retreats. They’re what set retreats apart from purposeful travel trips. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’ll have even more opportunities for these important connections. Roundtable discussions on a variety of topics each day will help members connect to more people throughout the retreat.

Georgia State University
Tim Renick

Why is Georgia State Leading the Nation in Student Success – CAS Lecture Hall

  • Tim Renick (Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University)

    Tim Renick

    Senior Vice President for Student Success and Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University
Mark Becker (TBD)
  • Mark Becker (TBD) (President at Georgia State University)

    Mark Becker (TBD)

    President at Georgia State University

    Since beginning his tenure as Georgia State University’s seventh president in January 2009, President Mark P. Becker has pursued an ambitious vision for the future of the institution and has led it into an unparalleled period of growth and advancement.
    Reflecting his vision of the modern public research university, Georgia State adopted a dynamic 10-year strategic plan that has fueled its emergence as one of the nation’s premier urban research universities. Dr. Becker was named one of America’s 10 most innovative university presidents by Washington Monthly in 2015, and the university was ranked the second most innovative university in the country by U.S. News & World Report magazine in 2019.
    As a first-generation college student who began his educational career at a community college, Dr. Becker is personally and professionally committed to ensuring that students of all economic backgrounds succeed. In a 10-year period the university’s graduation rates have increased by 22 percentage points. The university has become a widely recognized national leader in the introduction of innovative programs and initiatives to foster student success. It leads the nation in eliminating disparities in graduation rates based on race, ethnicity or income, and as one of the most diverse universities in America, is first in the nation among nonprofit institutions in graduating African-American students.
    Prior to his appointment as president of Georgia State, Dr. Becker was executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at the University of South Carolina, and dean of the School of Public Health and assistant vice president of public health preparedness and emergency response at the University of Minnesota. From 1989 to 2000, Dr. Becker was a professor in the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, where he also was associate dean for academic affairs. He has held academic appointments at the University of Washington, the University of Florida and Cornell University.
    Trained as a statistician, Dr. Becker has had a distinguished career in biostatistics and public health sciences. For most of his professorial career he was a member of the faculty in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, where he also held appointments in the Institute for Social Research and the Department of Statistics. He was made a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Becker has been principal investigator on research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. He has published extensively in leading journals, and his doctoral students have gone on to successful careers in leading higher education institutions and with multinational companies.
    Dr. Becker attended Harford (Md.) Community College, earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Towson State University in 1980 and his doctor’s degree in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University in 1985. He grew up in Havre de Grace, Md., near Baltimore.

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Georgia Aquarium

• Behind-the-scenes Tours
• Sea Lion Encounter
• Whale Shark Dive
• Whale Shark Swim

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Dinner and 10th Anniversary Celebration

What a terrific first decade it’s been for L3. We’ve made enduring friendships. Learned so much about the world and ourselves. Traveled to some of the most compelling sites in America and abroad. Made important contributions to support the life-changing work of dynamic charitable and non-profit organizations. It’s time for us to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come. Our gala founders’ celebration will recognize and honor the men and women who gave life to L3 10 years ago with their vision, their passion, their commitment and their hard work.

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Breakfast will be served at the hotel

Depart for Programming – CDC

Often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “CDC” is some sort of deadly pandemic like Anthrax or Ebola. It’s true the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention address these disease epidemics and many others. However, the CDC has spent decades trying to keep the public healthy and safe on multiple fronts. As a reference lab for the country and the world, it looks at and analyzes historical data for targeted, quick responses to outbreaks. Its researchers work to be predictive about future issues and to provide education on everything from HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, air pollution, water cleanliness, cancer, obesity, autism and emergency plans for nuclear war.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute in the United States and the CDC has invited us to be guests for our favorite program, “Speed-dating with Doctors.” Researchers will lead roundtable discussions on research topics as well as provide historical perspective on the CDC’s accomplishments and how we can use its research to live healthier lifestyles at all stages of life, for ourselves and for our communities.

Welcome and CDC 101
Buses Depart for Optional Tours

Please see more detailed information on these activities on the more information page.
• Atlanta History Center
• College Football Hall of Fame
• Center for Human and Civil Rights
• Jimmy Carter Center

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Film Screening 2

Dinner and Movie at Hotel


Breakfast will be served at the hotel

Depart GSU Centennial Hall
Film Screening 3
Film Screening 4
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Closing Dinner
Departure Day

Plan your departing flights for any time on Thursday, May 17. L3 has no programming planned for this day.