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Often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "CDC" is some sort of deadly pandemic like Anthrax or Ebola. It's true the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention address these disease epidemics and many others. However, the CDC has spent decades trying to keep the public healthy and safe on multiple fronts. As a reference lab for the country and the world, it looks at and analyzes historical data for targeted, quick responses to outbreaks. Its researchers work to be predictive about future issues and to provide education on everything from HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, air pollution, water cleanliness, cancer, obesity, autism and emergency plans for nuclear war.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute in the United States and the CDC has invited us to be guests for our favorite program, "Speed-dating with Doctors." Researchers will lead roundtable discussions on research topics as well as provide historical perspective on the CDC's accomplishments and how we can use its research to live healthier lifestyles at all stages of life, for ourselves and for our communities.

10th Anniversary Founders' Celebration

What a terrific first decade it's been for L3. We've made enduring friendships. Learned so much about the world and ourselves. Traveled to some of the most compelling sites in America and abroad. Made important contributions to support the life-changing work of dynamic charitable and non-profit organizations. It's time for us to look back and appreciate how far we've come. Our gala founders' celebration will recognize and honor the men and women who gave life to L3 10 years ago with their vision, their passion, their commitment and their hard work. 

Georgia (State University) On My Mind

Georgia State has been making headlines recently for being in the Top 10 U.S. schools for Innovation (#2), Undergraduate Teaching (#3), Ethnic Diversity (#10) and more. We'll spend time on campus learning about what sets it apart and how its vanguard approach can be applied in other-world situations.

Tim Renick, Senior Vice President for Student Success, will discuss why Georgia State is the national leader in fostering student success. Since taking on this role in 2008, Renick has led Georgia State to one of the fastest-improving graduation rates in the country while at the same time decreasing achievement gaps based on race, ethnicity or income level. In 2016, Renick was named as one of the "Most Innovative People in Higher Education" and he has testified before the U.S. Senate and spoken at the White House about strategies to help students succeed. 

Next, prepare to be dazzled at the Creative Media Industries Institute. This advanced facility is a mecca for students interested in the arts and media. Intended to "transcend traditional disciplines," the institute houses a flexible startup incubator space, an immersive virtual reality "cave," a media production studio, a project suite, an eSports lab, and advanced audio and digital production studios. While we learn about the collaborative work that occurs at CMII, we will also get to experience it through a special virtual reality demonstration. 

Georgia Aquarium

The stunning Georgia Aquarium is a scientific institution that educates and entertains to promote the worldwide conservation of aquatic biodiversity. Its six brilliant galleries and more than 70 fascinating habitats will help you better understand and appreciate a wide variety of sea life, including whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, beluga whales, sea otters, penguins and thousands of species of exotic fish. L3 has been invited to go behind the scenes to understand all this great nonprofit does. You might even volunteer for a one-on-one encounter with whale sharks, dolphins or manta rays in the world's largest aquarium habitat (6.3 million gallons). The massive scale of the aquarium creates a sense that you are swimming with the majestic sea life and provides an awe-inspiring experience. 

Atlanta History Center

History buffs, rejoice! This 33-acre history center was founded in 1926 with a mission to collect, research, publish and celebrate early stories of Atlanta's history. The jewel of the museum is the Cyclorama, a 132-year-old, hand-painted work of art depicting the Civil War. Kind of like a 19th century IMAX, the piece stands nearly 50 feet tall, is longer than a football field, and is one of only two of its kind in the United States. The grounds also include Atlanta's oldest surviving farmhouse, the Smith Family Farm - built in the 1840s and still home to several chicken and sheep. You also don't want to miss the brilliant architecture of the Swan House or the charming gardens that surround it. A true gem celebrating the rich culture and history of the southern city, the Atlanta History Center has something for everyone.

Jimmy Carter Center

The spacious and tranquil Jimmy Carter Center not only houses an impressive Presidential Library, it accommodates an informative, yet unassuming museum celebrating the life and accomplishments of President Jimmy Carter. In addition to his presidential achievements, the museum pays tribute to the humanitarian work he pursued after his time in office and to the mental health awareness championed by Rosalynn Carter. Other highlights include some of Jimmy Carter's personal artwork and a remarkable, life-size replica of the Oval Office. The Jimmy Carter Center is a great option if you want something informative and low-key.

College Football Hall of Fame

The College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta has interactive fun for college football fans as well as those who aren't big fans. You could spend the entire day exploring the three floors and five themed galleries or just find displays for your favorite schools. More than 50 interactive exhibits give you the chance to call a football play, test to see if you'd survive the NFL combine or sing your college fight song. Be sure to check out the three-story display with more than 750 college football helmets. Bask in nostalgia and enjoy the lively activities while looking back at college football's greatest players and coaches. 

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Experience something powerful and thought-provoking at this center dedicated to exploring the fundamental rights of human beings. Thanks to the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection, you can walk through history while viewing personal papers and items that belonged to Dr. King or while listening to recordings made by civil rights activists. In a life-changing, humbling and emotional simulation, you will sit at a whites-only lunch counter and experience what it was like for activists who were taunted and threatened. Deeply moving, the experience is not to be missed. Through the museum's blend of compelling artifacts, powerful storytelling and impactful experiences, you will leave empowered and inspired to connect with today's human rights issues around the world. 

Centennial Olympic Park

Our morning health walks will take us through Centennial Olympic Park, downtown's 21-acre, outdoor space and the epicenter of the '96 Summer Olympic Games.

Member Roundtable Discussions

Meaningful conversations about important topics have always been a key element at L3 retreats. They're what set retreats apart from purposeful travel trips. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we'll have even more opportunities for these important connections. Roundtable discussions on a variety of topics each day will help members connect to more people throughout the retreat.