KAI is one of the world's foremost measures for problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. It has been in use for over 40 years, and is supported by a wide range of academic research from around the world. KAI measures style of problem solving and creativity. It is available both online and as a paper form. 

Build a Culture of Problem Solving in your Organization

  • KAI offers a science-based approach to predicting team dynamics and improve management of change.
  • Improve your leadership techniques
  • Enhance group cohesion and effectiveness
  • Gain insight to how your team members respond to systems
  • Improve team dynamics and team-to-team dynamics

Typically, KAI Practitioners are HR managers, company directors, business consultants & trainers.

Do you want to help teams solve problems and help organizations lead change?

KAI Centre is releasing a 5-part series of podcasts based on building better teams & great leaders with the KAI Inventory.

Part 1 - "From Cave Dwellers to Cosmonaut – A Manual for the Brain"

listen here - kaicentre.com/foundation-5/

A quick guide to aspects of KAI can be found in this article







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  • This workshop includes an opportunity to have a complimentary personal assessment* by Dr. Friedel. 

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  • Dr. Curt Friedel (Director, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving of Virginia Tech)

    Dr. Curt Friedel

    Director, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving of Virginia Tech

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What is this? Why will I want to attend?

What KAI Practitioners say about KAI Theory and Courses from https://kaicentre.com/​​

"When you're in the business of organisational transformation, the ability to cultivate creative thinking and approaches to change are essential…..The KAI, a facile instrument that helps change agents assess their approaches towards truly transforming organisations, should be a part of every change agent's tool kit."

-Dr Celeste Coruzzi, Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

"Beyond a certain point in life we tend to assume that our learning will be more "incremental". I must admit that what I have learned in the KAI training almost three years ago has fundamentally changed the way I work with people and think about the "creation of novelty". The insight we can gain from this theory and its application is encouraging and challenging. My main take-away is that the true appreciation of people's diversity is crucial for companies and individuals alike. Elsewhere such terms may be buzzwords but in the context of KAI they have a well-defined meaning we can build upon."

-Dr. Michael Ohler, Principal, Breakthrough Management Group International

"Problem solving is what humans do every day. Finding effective solutions can often make the difference between success and failure, sometimes even life and death. Whether you work as a marriage counsellor or oversee an international corporation, understanding the human dynamics of effective problem solving is critical. Learning how people problem-solve, and how to manage the diversity of groups, can lead to more successful decision making. No matter what discipline or career area you work in, you will find the information learned in this intense certification course of great value."

-Dr Cheri Brodeur, University of Florida


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Corporate Wellness

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Because we often spend 40 + hours a week working, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center wants a community that promotes a complete well-rounded program to promote healthiness for both mind and body. Our focus is to provide companies with six essential elements to assist your employees with a fulfilled balanced life through our VTCRC 360°: Corporate Wellness Program.

PURPOSE Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals

SOCIAL Having supportive relationships and networking interactions

FINANCIAL Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security

COMMUNITY Liking where you live and having pride in your community

PHYSICAL Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

HEALTHY EATING Making good food choices to fit your health and dietary goals