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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 (2:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

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Are you a seed or growth-stage startup prepared to pitch and share your business with Myanmar-focused investors during the Covid-19 crisis?

MPE&VCA members, Seed Myanmar Ventures and One to Watch together with Patamar Capital are welcoming founders of seed and growth-stage companies to join for "Investor Office Hours" on 6 May 2020.

Sign up now at to speak with our investor panelists Robbert Groenen, Shuyin Tang, and Mouna Aouri. Sign up closes on May 2nd.

Startups joining the online session will earn the opportunity to pitch to and connect with investors, share their business opportunities and challenges, and receive feedback.

The online interaction can help start-ups delve into detail on how they can be equipped with both long term and short term plans during this time of pandemic.

"COVID 19 will pressure most businesses to cut costs, and some businesses will have to focus on different customers with different products. It is important to keep your long term plans in mind when making painful short term decisions. Showing that you can adapt your business when facing a crisis, and if you can explain how such measures relate to your long term business plan, you can come stronger out of this crisis," said Robbert Groenen, director of Myanmar at One to Watch.

"One to Watch can support businesses to develop such plans, and can link businesses to the right form of capital," he said.

In Myanmar, One to Watch targets investments in innovative businesses, which are active in the AgriFood chain and the solar energy sector.

Seed Myanmar Ventures is a sector-agnostic venture investor and targets seed and growth capital for disruptive and innovative technologies. Seed Myanmar's portfolio includes Kargo, Nexlabs, Chate Sat, and MM Tutors.