Far-reaching changes in diverse areas such as society, organizational culture, and technology are redefining what it takes for any organization to remain competitive and generate business success. Therefore the theme of the summit will be "Harnessing The Forces of Change To Reshape The Enterprise" with workshops, panels, and debates focusing on how European organizations can address and master these change agents to develop sustainable business value.

The summit is designed as an information-sharing forum and an intimate networking platform for a select group of C-Level Executives of the largest enterprises in Europe.

The event's exclusivity and the personable format allow for the most engaging of conversations and in-depth discussions. Every delegate will leave the summit enriched — whether it be with new lead projects for partners, or with innovative and forward-looking IT and business solutions for the CIO.

Led by the IDC CIO Advisory Team the summit will also include analysts from across the world who are all keen to meet you based on your company's approach to customer service, innovation, and technology. Visionary and high-impact keynote speakers, together with our Summit Advisory Board, will drive discussions to leverage insight into cross-industry or regional challenges.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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