Human Capital, the knowledge, skills, and health that people accumulate over their lives has been the major reason for continuous sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction for many countries. The Human Capital Index (HCI) developed by the World Bank measures the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18. It conveys the productivity of the next generation of workers compared to a benchmark of complete education and full health. It is constructed for 157 countries. In 2018, Malaysia ranked 55 out of these 157 countries.

According to the HCI, a child born in Malaysia today will be 62 per cent as productive when he or shes grows up if the child enjoyed complete education and full health. In line with the nation's aspiration to become a high-income nation where development progress is measured beyond GDP but Human Capital Development, there is still room for improvement in areas of education, nutrition and overall social welfare.

This event aims to discuss how Malaysia can continue to improve its human capital and boost productivity. Some of the key issues that will be discussed include the importance of universal access to high-quality education to develop better cognitive and social skills. Another important issue is the rise of the stunting problem in Malaysia, which affects one in five Malaysian children. Evidence shows that malnutrition has negative long term effects on cognitive skills and productivity. According to Khazanah Research Institute, stunting among children under 5 increased from 17.2% in 2006 to 20.7% in 2016, as the share of underweight children rose from 12.9% to 13.7%. Finally, the event will also look at how successful social welfare program like those in the EU can play a role in protecting vulnerable households with income support to fight the negative effects of poverty.

Therefore, we invite you to join us In examining the Human Capital issues in Malaysia and how we as a society from the people on the street, to the business community and Government can accelerate the HCI in the country for the betterment of our shared future, a future that realizes the Shared Prosperity Vision.


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