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Contact Person: Geraldine Chapman
Event Details
Event Details

Join John Marcarian at this exclusive Group Leader Zoom Webinar.

We ask that as a Group Leader you attend this webinar as John will provide network updates that you need to know.

The webinar will also give you the opportunity to interact with other Group Leaders.

In the webinar John will specifically go through:

  • Latest news and developments in the network so you can share with your E-Team
  • Specific news for Group Leaders only
  • Answer any questions Group Leaders may have

Meeting time in your city:

Auckland: Tuesday 28th July - 10am

Christchurch: Tuesday 28th July - 10am

Melbourne: Tuesday 28th July - 8am

Los Angeles: Monday 27th July - 3pm

Sydney: Tuesday 28th July - 8am

Toronto: Monday 27th July - 6pm

Wellington: Tuesday 28th July - 10am