Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen (Co-Founder of Resilient Health)

Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen

Co-Founder of Resilient Health

Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen is the personal physician of an L3 member. She will co-present with her associate Dr. Gabriela Pichardo. Dr. Hausman-Cohen is not only the co-founder of Resilient Health in Austin but also a personalized medicine company, IntellxxDNA, that makes a tool for physicians that enables them to use genomics (your genes) as part of medical decision making. Dr. Hausman-Cohen was recently featured on an interview with Dr. David Perlmutter, well known neurologist and 5 times best selling author on his podcast where she discussed genomics. You can view this at: https://www.drperlmutter.com/genomics-sambucas-and-andrographis-covid-19/.
Watching this video may help you feel more empowered during our national coronavirus crisis and will let you get to know our upcoming speaker ahead of time. She also was recently featured on Intelligent Medicine with Dr. Ron Hoffman (audio only): https://drhoffman.com/podcast_category/dr-sharon-hausman-cohen/. Dr. Hausman-Cohen obtained both her masters degree and medical degree from Harvard University.

Dr. Gabriela Pichardo (Resilient Health Physician at Resilient Health)

Dr. Gabriela Pichardo

Resilient Health Physician at Resilient Health

Dr. Gabriela Pichardo, is a board certified internist who recently went back and completed her formal integrative medicine fellowship through the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Pichardo loves working with seniors to help keep them healthy and feeling well. She also has a passion for personalized medicine and genomics and joined Dr. Hausman-Cohen at Resilient Health Austin in mid-June.