Paul Melkebeke (Chief Supply Officer at Samsonite Asia Ltd.)

Paul Melkebeke

Chief Supply Officer at Samsonite Asia Ltd.

Mr. Paul Melkebeke serves as the Chief Supply Officer with Samsonite.

He is responsible for the Group’s global supply chain strategies, including management of both the Group’s own manufacturing operations as well as its third party supply chain.

Before his promotion to the current role, he served as Vice President Sourcing and Supply for the Asia region.

Mr. Melkebeke held a number of positions primarily in the production, planning and quality areas since he joined the Group.

He is involved in the Asia operations of the Group since 1995 and has extensive experience in the region, including the set-up of factories in India and China.

Mr. Melkebeke holds a M. Eng. from the State University Ghent, Belgium and an MBA – Master of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Vlerick School of Management, Belgium.

Ingrid Sidiadinoto (Global Solution Senior Director of UPS)

Ingrid Sidiadinoto

Global Solution Senior Director of UPS

UPS’s Senior Managing Director of Global Solutions, Ingrid Sidiadinoto oversees international customer solutions engagement in all UPS territories outside the United States. She assumed her current role in October 2019 after spending four years as Managing Director of the Customer Solutions Group for UPS Asia Pacific.

Ingrid started her career with UPS in 1999 and was part of the pilot batch of management trainees in the Industrial Engineering department at UPS in Seattle, Washington. In 2006, Ingrid relocated to Singapore as Operational Excellence Manager for UPS Asia Pacific Region and was promoted to Director of Industrial Engineering at UPS South Asia District a year later.

Based in Singapore, Ingrid is a native of Jakarta, Indonesia, and graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. She served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Logistics Insight Asia in 2013 and was the first Chairperson of UPS’s Women Leadership Development in Singapore.

Renaud Anjoran (Founder of Sofeast Ltd.)

Renaud Anjoran

Founder of Sofeast Ltd.

Renaud is the founder of Sofeast, a supply chain management & quality assurance company based in China. His team started working for foreign buyers in 2006.

He is also a founder of China Manufacturing Consultants, which helps factories improve quality, increase productivity, automate processes, and increase capacity.

In 2005 and 2006, Renaud worked for a French importer’s Hong Kong branch. He participated in purchasing campaigns, performed a trading activity, and followed up on productions.

He received a MS of Int’l Business from Bordeaux Business School and an MBA from Wake Forest University. He is also a certified ISO 9001 lead auditor and holds several ASQ certifications (quality engineer, supplier quality professional, quality manager).

He writes practical advice for importers several times a week on the blog.