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COVID-19 has been saturating the news since early February, and more so since each state has been quarantined. This program will be different! In this non-partisan, no political approach to this disease, you will learn when & how it started by looking at the chain of infection and how it progresses. Chris will walk you thru the agencies that are involved in developing policies, programs of prevention and guidelines. She will also discuss the medications that maybe useful in fighting this virus, and how each drug must go thru protocols, research and evaluation before they can be approved. Also covered will be testing, issues with testing, antibody testing verses testing for virus, some recent statistics, key safety protocols, and what to do to protect yourself!

1.0 CE Credit will be awarded to Illinois nurses, social workers, professional counselors and nursing home administrators.

*There is no fee for this program as it is being supported by the United Way of Lake County.


10 AM - 11 AM
COVID-19: The Pandemic of Our Lifetime
For CE credit, download the evaluation sheet, complete and return to Events@Elderwerks.org
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  • Chris Petrik, RN, BS, CDP, CADDCT (Training Specialist at Elderwerks)

    Chris Petrik, RN, BS, CDP, CADDCT

    Training Specialist at Elderwerks


    Chris has been In the health care field for over 30 years, with the last 10 years gerontology as a nurse educator. She is part of a local community college health career advisory board. Chris has been in health education for over 20 years.

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063020 EVAL Petrik COVID.pdfdownload


6/30/20 COVID-19: The Pandemic of Our Lifetime 10:00 AM

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