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This training is intended to develop knowledge, skills and competencies to help build procurement team member capabilities. The training sessions may use examples of processes, models and templates to illustrate learning points and to aid in practice exercises and activities. These tools and methods may be different from – and are not intended to replace – some companies are currently using. However, the skills you will develop in this training will be its complementary. Furthermore, these will help you become more effective in your role, regardless of the specific process, model, template, practice, or procedure present in some companies or they will be using in the future.

Course Outline

  1. Cost estimation
  2. The purpose of cost analysis and how to use it tactically or strategically with suppliers and stakeholders
  3. The cost analysis process
  4. How to develop cost analysis
  5. Using industry cost curves to determine negotiation potential
  6. Specification challenge and change to drive cost efficiency
  7. Redesigning supply options for could cost analysis
  8. How to introduce cost down strategies with suppliers and stakeholders
  9. Harnessing vendor knowledge and commitment
  10. Establishing and managing vendor-initiated value improvement programs


  • Apply advanced tools and techniques to identify and deliver cost and value improvement
  • Involve, motivate and support suppliers and stakeholders in cost management
  • Drive change in specification, process and product choice through cost and value analysis Embed the cost and value analysis process as part of daily category management techniques

Who should attend

  1. Sourcing and Procurement Professionals
  2. Project Managers
  3. Supply Chain Professionals
  4. Materials Managers
  5. Product Analysts
  6. Finance Heads and Professionals
  7. Contracts Administrators
  8. Purchasing Managers
  9. And everyone who negotiates acquisition of products and services