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In 2018, there were more than 13 million cyber-attacks in Indonesia and with the 2017 cost estimated at 34 billion rupiahs. From phishing to denial services and malware, these statistics make Indonesia as one of the most vulnerable countries to cyber-crime.

As business grows to appreciate that protection is not only the responsibility of the government, the realisation is that companies need to equip themselves with adequate knowledge of cyber-security, the threat, the regulating issues as well as the basics of cyber-hygiene.

To discuss how to immunise against the 'when', rather than 'if', we welcome Benson Tran, Lead Partner for the IT Assurance and Cyber Security of KPMG Siddharta Advisory, who will share his perspectives on the challenges of cyber safety in business. This session will be complemented by the professional expertise - the CIO of Investree and the Chairman of Indonesia Cyber Security Forum.



  • Benson Tran (Lead Partner - IT Assurance & Cyber Security at KPMG Indonesia)

    Benson Tran

    Lead Partner - IT Assurance & Cyber Security at KPMG Indonesia

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  • Dickie Widjaja (Chief Information Officer at Investree)

    Dickie Widjaja

    Chief Information Officer at Investree

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  • Yuliardi Sutedja K. (Chairman at Indonesia Cyber Security Forum)

    Yuliardi Sutedja K.

    Chairman at Indonesia Cyber Security Forum

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