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I. Overview of Appraisal

A. What is an appraisal?

B. Appraisal concepts of price, cost, value and market

C. Economic principles affecting property values

D. Pre-requisites or elements of value

E. Bundle of Property Rights

F. Definition of Terms (e.g., Non-Market vs. Market Value, Real Estate vs.

Real Property, Liens vs. Encumbrances, etc.)

II. Appraisal Process

A. Title Verification

1. Discussion of Torrens System

2. Good, Bad and Doubtful Title

B. Location Pinpointing

1. Provision of 2 Plotting Softwares

2. GE/BL/LRA Plan

3. Tax Map, Base Topo Map

4. Records from the courts, National Land Titles, HLURB, ROD, Bureau of Lands

5. Others: Records of private developers and landowners

III. Property Inspection and Analysis

A. Neighborhood Analysis

B. Site Analysis

C. Improvement Analysis

D. Schedule of RCN (Cost of Construction)

IV. Methodologies of Valuation

A. Market Data Approach

1. Direct Comparison

2. Inferential/ Rectification Method - Opinion Survey

3. Allocation/Abstraction Method

B. Cost Approach

1. RCN (Reproduction/Replacement Cost New)

2. Depreciation (Straight Line, Modified Straight Line, Effective Age)

C. Income Approach

1. Capitalization Rate – Recapture and Overall rate

2. Correlation of Value

D. Report Writing

1. Sample type of a Customized Appraisal Report

2. Limiting Conditions


I. Credit Concept

A. 5 Cs of Credit

B. Credit Cycle

C. Laws Governing Banks

II. Qualities / Skills of CI

III. Credit Investigation Process

IV. Sources of Information

V. Types of Credit Investigation


  • Samuel Quiniano (President & CEO of Benchmark Valuers & Credit Solutions, Inc.)

    Samuel Quiniano

    President & CEO of Benchmark Valuers & Credit Solutions, Inc.



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