Gailtest Souza

Second Vice-President, Membership at AWA

Tracey-Lee Hayes

Third Vice-President, Activities at AWA

Robin Neiterman

First Vice-President, Fundraising at American Women's Association

Andrea Roth

President at American Women's Association


Coffee Break
Day 1 - Track 1 - Session 2
Day 2 - Track 1 - Session 1
Coffee Break
Day 2 - Track 1 - Session 2
Panel discussion Back to Work
CV writing workshop

Sponsors and Partners

  • Khulan

While researching on the topic of Arts & Technology for the CLS, HKAAA finds that there is a dearth of training programs designed specifically for arts administrators and practitioners.

HKAAA believes that the need to gain knowledge and hone skills on applying technology on arts is particularly pronounced among independent arts practitioners and administrators from small to mid-size organizations which possess fewer resources and smaller corporate capacity for their employees to receive on the job or external training.

In view of this, HKAAA is committed to design and deliver a high-quality, intensive workshop series covering two foci through 6 modules (details of contents and speakers are subject to change).