We are excited to invite you to this 2-hour workshop with Q&A sessions with our Certified Sustainability Communication Expert, Ms Sunita Devi.

This workshop is specially designed to answer all your questions with regards to nominations to the Europa Awards for Sustainability 2018 – an award that offers an opportunity to gain recognition for all your Sustainability efforts.

This workshop will help you to provide insights into distinctively presenting your sustainability best practices for gaining recognition and increasing brand value of the company.

Workshop discussions will include:

  • Examining objectives of the EUMCCI's Europa Awards for Sustainability 2018
  • Understanding sustainability reporting requirements by Bursa Malaysia
  • Educating yourself on sections of sustainability reporting
  • Spotting opportunities in sustainability reports
  • Learning to integrate best practices in sustainability with key business areas
  • Identifying how well your company can manage positive and negative impacts of business activities
  • Aligning corporate responsibilities to people and planet, profitably
  • Leveraging on sustainability reports to communicate optimisations across the organisation
  • Identifying current vulnerabilities and predicting future pitfalls related to businesspractices
  • Nurturing SMEs into a more circular economy

With further understanding on:

  • Different aspects of CSR which can be highlighted for recognition and gaining stakeholders' trust
  • Practical ways to presenting facts on strategy and operations on reports for sustainability award nominations
  • Other sustainable development decision-making tools and analytical instruments used or likely to be used by institutions across the world
  • Ways to promote your company's sustainability reports
  • Addressing sustainability report components for gaining recognition on a global scale





Sunita Devi

-Are you gaining recognition for your sustainability reporting efforts? -What are potentials and pitfalls you could identify from a comprehensive sustainability report?







Sunita Devi

-What are pertinent details for submission to an award category? -How to convince judges on the impact of your best practices in sustainability? -Q&A.

Workshop Facilitator

  • Sunita Devi (Sustainability Communication Consultant & Trainer at Devcom Trends)

    Sunita Devi

    Sustainability Communication Consultant & Trainer at Devcom Trends

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