In the advent of global technological advancement, the role and importance of humans in the workplace could suffer from a rapid regression. More and more, robots will be taking over jobs from human beings or will be working in tandem with them. Hence, the increasing need to humanize more the workplace will start to be felt now, more than ever. To bring back humanity in the workplace, we must identify existing problems to provide physically, emotionally, mentally and financially decent work for people at work.

The 2018 AmCham Talent Summit – with the theme "Humanizing the Workplace" – aims to: (1) underscore the importance of people as a resource, and tackle issues like decent work, job security, wages, physical and mental workplace conditions, etc.; (2) look at the existing human-related workplace issues from global to local setting; and (3) participate in discussions and formulate policy and advocacy suggestions moving forward.

Sep 25, 2018

8 AM - 6 PM

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Makati Diamond Residences
Legazpi Street
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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To RSVP or for any inquiries, please contact

Yves Aguilos

Industry Development Specialist/Government Liaison

Human Capital & Resources | Infrastructure & Logistics | Legislative | Trade & Investment

Tel.: 818-7911 (loc. 216)