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Contact Person: Loraine Ashcraft
Event Details
Event Details

An AI Agenda for APEC

Governments, multilateral institutions, companies and civil society have developed principles for the use and governance of AI. However, these efforts are largely disconnected, creating a risk that disparities in AI governance will result in policies that slow the deployment of valuable AI solutions. APEC has the potential to drive coherent approaches to AI governance, creating an environment for the responsible adoption of AI in ways that boost competitiveness, while ensuring broader societal and public trust in the technology. With a membership that includes economies on the leading edge of AI development, how can APEC leverage its existing strengths to address the policy implications of AI?

Facilitator: Dr. Peter Lovelock, Director, Technology Research Project Corporate

Proposed speakers:

  • Julio Pertuze, DESG Chair (Chile)
  • Professor Dong Sun Park, HRDWG,Lead Shepherd*
  • Mr. Abdull Wahid Sulong, SCCP Chair (Malaysia)*
  • Eduardo Pedrosa, Secretary General, PECC International Secretariat / Coordinator of the State of the Region Report**

*to be confirmed

*This event is closed to media and is strictly off the record*

  • Peggy Johnson (Chair at ABAC Digital Innovation Working Group)

    Peggy Johnson

    Chair at ABAC Digital Innovation Working Group

  • Peter Lovelock (Founder and Director of TRPC Pte Ltd)

    Peter Lovelock

    Founder and Director of TRPC Pte Ltd

  • Dongsun PARK (Lead Shepherd at APEC Human Resources Development Working Group)

    Dongsun PARK

    Lead Shepherd at APEC Human Resources Development Working Group

  • Eduardo Pedrosa (Secretary General at PECC)

    Eduardo Pedrosa

    Secretary General at PECC

  • Julio Pertuzé, PhD (Chair at Digital Innovation Working Group)

    Julio Pertuzé, PhD

    Chair at Digital Innovation Working Group

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners