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Event Summary

Peter Troesch and his SwissTaste team would like you to join the official global launch event. To indulge in delicious, authentic Swiss food, fabulous wines and an evening to remember, that will not only mark the formal opening of SwissTaste but a chance for us to show you why we are passionate about Swiss produce and products.

The evening will start off with a selection of drinks, followed by canapes and tastes of some of our dishes. The Host Peter Troesch will give an introduction about SwissTaste, after which we hope you will stay a while longer to enjoy the live music, drinks and company.


Our restaurant is furnished with natural elements to convey a quintessential Alpine feel; SwissTaste has large outside areas on both North and East sides of the restaurant with dining set-up on one and sofa seating on the other side. Feel free to choose your preferred area for a meal & evening drinks or an afternoon of coffee and relaxation. Our inviting Deli counter is situated facing the main entrance of the restaurant for the convenience of our customers.
SwissTaste serves authentic Swiss food, originating from various Cantons, some of our dishes are inspired by neighbouring countries such as France, Italy and Germany that over the years have become as traditional to Switzerland as Milk and Chocolate. One of the most prominent Swiss classics the Cheese Fondue, the dish dates back to 18th century Switzerland, during winter fresh food was hard to come by and villagers where often left with aging cheese and stale bread to sustain them through the cold months. As a result local villagers decided to melt the cheese together in a pot with wine and garlic to enhance the flavour, dipping the stale bread into the wonderful mixture softened the bread and made it much easier to eat. Eating Fondue around a warm cosy fire in winter quickly became a Swiss tradition. Another classic dish is Rösti, a kind of grated potato cake that is fried until crispy and golden brown, the perfect accompaniment to our main dishes like Swiss Veal sausage, Cordon Bleu, Entrecote and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (Zürich Pork ragout). 
Flammkuchen (Swiss pizza) has its origin in the three-country border area of Switzerland, France and Germany. Alsace is credited for being the birthplace of the Flammkuchen, but Switzerland has developped its own versions and is strongly rooted in Swiss culture. Flammkuchen is an incredibly thin dough base is smeared with sour cream and covered with a selection of other toppings, baked until crispy. We offer a variety of different flavoured Flammkuchen from the traditional bacon and onion to slightly more colourful combinations of air-dried meats and arugula or our White Flammkuchen with truffle and truffle oil.
At SwissTaste we have the largest selection of Swiss Wines in China and we are proud to showcase some of the finest wines Switzerland has to offer. Most Swiss Vineyards are located on the terraced slopes of the Mountainous Alps region. Swiss wine production is small, as there is a deliberate focus on quality of quantity. The passion for fine quality produce combined with Swiss precision and a rich heritage dating back over 2000 years Swiss viticulture is one of the finest in the world.
SwissTaste also consists of a small retail section where we sell typical Swiss products like Swiss milk, chocolate and cheeses, all our wines can be purchased to take home and enjoy.  Other products such as Swiss air humidifiers purifiers, branded glasses, raclette equipment and fondue pots are also available. Our SwissTaste team will be glad to give you suggestions on Swiss related services - education, healthcare, travel, etc. - as well.