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EventBank Awards is an annual initiative to recognize and honor EventBankers whose accomplishments should be viewed as examples of excellence for each one of us.

There are multiple awards to reflect the diversity of our different teams and roles. Whether you are in a Product Team, Customer Success or in Sales, there is an award for everyone to apply for. 

Nominate your colleagues for the awards by December 21, 2018 at 12.00 pm in one of these categories:

The Diverse, Respectful, 'Behind the scenes Wonder'.

The Innovative, Collaborative 'Risk Taker' Award.

The 'Passionate Shining Star' Award.

The 'Solution-driven, Customer Advocate' Award.

There are two categories of the 2018's EventBank Awards. The first award category is to be decided by our Management and second award category is decided by you!

EventBank Management will be selecting recipients of the following awards: 

'The Employee of the Year'

'The Sales Person of the Year'

'The Team Impact of the Year'

'The 'Leadership Professional of the Year'

The Diverse, Respectful, 'Behind the scenes Wonder'.

(recognizes he/she who's quiet daily management makes everything go smoothly for everyone else).

The Innovative, Collaborative 'Risk Taker'.

(rewards those fearless enough to take EventBank to the next level and into new directions).

The 'Passionate Shining Star' Award.

(an employee that deserves and operates like a true shining star, completed more than required tasks, improvement, progression and great work ethics).

The 'Solution-driven, Customer Care' Award of the Year.

(an employee that stands out in the customer care field, knows exactly where the gaps are and how to keep our customers satisfied)

Are you - The Diverse, Respectful,'Behind the scenes Wonder' ?

Or - The Innovative, Collaborative 'Risk Taker' ?

Maybe even - The 'Leadership Professional' ?

Or an exclusive - The 'Passionate Shining Star' ?

Or our ultimate - The 'Solution-driven, Customer Care' ?