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Film industry has been severely hitted by this unusual period in history. The pandemic unleashed a series of unprecedented events affecting all industries. However, it seems there has been also some opportunities lying ahead for other parts of the industry, especially the animation industry. Its total value aims to be 270 billion dollars in this year, as many studios succeed in continuing working.

In this webinar we will join Manuel Cristobal and Ian Powers, who will explore the possibilities of an industry which works as a cluster that encompasses many businesses: tech, software, film, art, storytelling, cross/transmedia, etc. They both will share their experience on working in films like "Wrinkles" or series like "Ciboars" and views on the EU, US and Asian Market, with a special focus in China, where Ian is based.

Whether you are an industry professional, artist, software developer, or animation aficionado, join a session in which discover or review the insights of the industry that offers countless possibilities of innovation. In a time when production that doesn't require physical space and the recent developments of technologies allow many creators to launch their products and set up their first steps on this field, it's the moment to seize and animate the day!

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