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Is Your Idea Too Big or Not Big Enough?
How to Pitch Your Company to Investors

Investors want to invest in opportunities with a lot of potential, but they are also looking for entrepreneurs who know how to stay focused. How do you find the right balance?

Join Mark Modica at Launch Workplaces on November 15th, and learn:
  • The most important part of your pitch; if you get this wrong, nothing else matters
  • How to ignore the white noise of feedback from friends, family and so called "experts" (that is often conflicting one another)
  • To differentiate between a yes and a no, anything else is a waste of your time
Your vision and your passion are your most valuable assets. Nobody can teach you passion, but Mark has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs communicate their vision in the right way to get funded.

For a glimpse into Mark's presentation, listen to his podcast here.

This event is sponsored by Orate and Launch Workplaces.


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