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Kelvin Ng (Deputy Director at Nanyang Polytechnic)

Kelvin Ng

Deputy Director at Nanyang Polytechnic

Kelvin Ng is currently the Deputy Director ( Systems and Network) in School of Information Technology of Nanyang Polytechnic. Kelvin holds a Bachelor of Engineering from NUS , Master of Sci...
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Kapil Raina (Co-chair of Virtualization Working Group)

Kapil Raina

Co-chair of Virtualization Working Group

Kapil Raina specializes in GTM, accurate product positioning, influencing the market and analysts, and most importantly getting marketing leads to closed business faster and more efficiently...
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John DiMaria

BSI Group

Bruno Huttner (Co-chair of Quantum-Safe Security Working Group at ID Quantique)

Bruno Huttner

Co-chair of Quantum-Safe Security Working Group at ID Quantique