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Intelligent event management in the cloud.

Consolidate on one platform

Bring your teams, events, and data together to uncover new opportunities.

Maximize data value

Connect and track your interactions to increase revenue.

Ensure clear communication

Boost team productivity through efficient, real-time communication.

Make intelligent decisions

Better target your audience and tailor your offerings through actionable data insights.

EventBank is Authentic

We help build authentic relationships.

By integrating CRM, event management , email marketing, membership management,  and project management, into one strategic SaaS platform, our customers foster better relationships, generate more leads, and close more sales.


We keep you in the loop and ensure deadlines are being met—no matter where you are.

And better yet, our apps enable instant access to any module in the EventBank ecosystem.

For example, you can manage any task in the event planning process – even receive alerts from the system. You can simplify the registration process from both organizer and attendee perspectives. You can speed up on-site check-in with our QR codes, and oversee every attendee’s needs from anywhere in the event venue.

All the while, every piece of vital information is simultaneously updated on EventBank’s centralized server, keeping your colleagues on the same page – no matter where they are.

It’s about efficiency. It’s about productivity.

Interested in EventBank Enterprise Solution?

EventBank offers an Enterprise version of our powerful SaaS platform for those customers whose complexity of event planning, collaboration, management and analysis demands a customized solution.

Interested in EventBank Enterprise Solution?

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