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We help build authentic professional relationships

We integrate event and membership management, CRM, email marketing, and project management, into one strategic platform, thus increasing revenue by enabling our clients to build professional communities, and engage clients through events, marketing campaigns, and membership renewals.

How many hours have you wasted inputting membership, event, and email marketing data into different systems?

Save time, money, and frustration by using EventBank’s all-in-one platform.

EventBank offers two solutions for organizations:

Membership Solution

This solution ensures that one platform seamlessly serves all the engagement needs of the organization and its members. EventBank helps build your organization’s professional community and consistently provide additional value and benefits to your members.

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Marketing Solution

Organizations who engage customers through events will see increased revenue and improved efficiencies with this solution. Whether managing a few events or hundreds, our technology helps manage and simplify the sales cycle from the first event invitation or email marketing campaign.

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Engage your community

The most powerful mobile automation tools on the market are here and ready for organization to deploy! Your members and event attendees can now connect and engage on both iOS and Android devices.

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